Zero Waste Activities

Here are just some of our other fantastic resources available to schools. It may be possible to link one or more activities.
Contact your local Zero Waste Education Educator for further details and conditions (availability varies dependant on council area).

Waste Assessments / Audits in schools

Want to find out how much waste your school generates?

Thinking of starting a composting or recycling system or wanting to know how well your existing systems are working?

Then you need an assessment or audit of your ‘waste stream’! We provide templates and guidance from our trained ZWE educator. There is the opportunity for adults and/or children to carry out the key research, reporting and hands on investigation. Our educator will also assist the school in more sustainable school procurement. A school waste assessment or audit is likely to result in cost savings to the school.

Worm Farming in Schools

At ZWE we’re wild about worms!

Worm farms are a fantastic tool in teaching a valuable method of waste minimisation and soil improvement. This programme is available in selected areas. Contact us to see if your school can participate.

Composting in Schools

Did you know almost half of the waste that ends up in our landfills could have been composted?

Composting is easy. If you know what you are doing! Our ZWE educators are available to advise you on how to best use your existing compost bin or build a special ‘hot compost’ from scratch.

Sustainable School Events

Are you planning an upcoming school fair, gala day or running a regional schools’ event?

Want to be a sustainable host? Let our ZWE team help take the guesswork and confusion out of your planning. We can help your school plan for the day and link you with appropriate service providers. Our ZWE educator may be able to provide ‘on the day’ assistance with your recycling stations and a waste audit to help measure the success of your efforts. Contact our team to discuss.

Help with Community Clean-up days

Is your class or school thinking of taking action to clean up and appropriate disposal of any waste you find.

To help measure your success our educators can supervise a child centred waste audit of the rubbish collected. Contact us for availability in your area.