Is this Program Free?2022-12-02T00:22:11+00:00

If your school is offered Zero Waste Education, it is provided by your council and usually from the Waste Levy funds. This free Council programme enables children to investigate the link between the earth’s natural resources, the products they use and see around them and the resulting waste (natural resources we no longer want) that pollutes our environment.

Where is the programme available?2023-09-15T01:18:11+00:00

Zero Waste Education is available to primary, intermediate and preschools in the following districts.

  • Carterton
  • Central Hawkes Bay
  • Clutha
  • Hauraki
  • Horowhenua
  • Kapiti Coast
  • Manawatu
  • Matamata-Piako
  • Masterton
  • New Plymouth
  • Opotiki
  • Rangitikei
  • Ruapehu
  • South Wairarapa
  • South Waikato
  • Tararua
  • Tauranga City
  • Thames-Coromandel
  • Wellington City
  • Western Bay of Plenty
  • Whakatane
  • Whanganui
What unit available?2022-12-14T21:49:46+00:00

The Zero Waste Education programme consists ten different units focussing on s specific solution to our waste problem.

Preschools: Zero the Hero

Year 1&2: Is That Really Rubbish / The Litterless Lunchbox

Year 3&4: Reduce / Reuse

Year 5&6: Recycle / Compost

Year 7&8: Resource Sustainability / Water

Year 5-8: Rural Recycling

How long is the programme?2022-12-14T22:04:43+00:00

Preschools are offered one 45 minute lesson. The two Year 1&2 units comprise of two 45-minute lessons. The Year 3-8 units each comprise four 45-minute lessons. All units are taught by a specialist educator. Teachers can opt for one 45-minute lesson per day, or 90-minute sessions comprising of two lessons (with a 10 minute break mid-session).

What is involved in the programme?2022-12-14T23:53:34+00:00

The programme is taught by a specialist educator with extensive knowledge of waste minimisation in a real world context. Unit plants are provided prior to the visit to assist teachers in undertaking curriculum planning. These unit plans also contain suggested hands-on extension activities, writing tasks and links to resources.

How to book the visit?2023-01-25T01:32:35+00:00

You can book your school by filling in online form, or email us on office@zerowasteeducation.co.nz

When you send an email to us, please remember to write your school/preschool’s name.

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