Recycling & Composting

Waste Education Units – Years 5 & 6

Recycling Unit

Students delve deeper into the concept of recycling and key issues such as ‘contamination’ and their responsibilities as a recycler at home are reinforced. By investigating product lifecycle’s students are able to see how they can have a positive impact on the sustainable use of natural resources by recycling. Children also discover what actually happens to their recycling after it leaves their house, from recycling bin to new end product.

Composting Unit

Composting is a topic that deserves its own comprehensive unit and is a key tool in tackling our growing waste problem. Children investigate the role of nature in turning organic waste in to new compost. The key composting elements of nitrogens and carbons are examined and the differences between landfills and composts are explored. Children will build their own ‘mini-compost’ (containing tiger worms), giving them the skills and knowledge to build and maintain large-scale composts at home.

All units are supported by workbooks / worksheets, interactive games and activities, DVD’s, relevant photos and website references

Year 7 & 8

Resource Sustainability

Year 5 to 8

Rural Waste Unit