Reduce and Reuse

Waste Minimisation Education Units Years 3 & 4

Reducing Unit

‘Reducing the waste pile’ is the focus of this Years 3/4 unit. Sensible shopping, recycling, composting and reusing are introduced as ways of making our waste pile smaller. Students are also introduced to the concept of waste, landfills and the five main natural resources that are used to make all the ‘stuff’ they consume.

Reusing Unit

The concept of ‘reusing’ products and packaging and buying longer lasting items is further investigated. Students will put their knowledge and design skills into practice by reusing items of packaging from home to make a money bank or desktop tidier.

All units are supported by workbooks / worksheets, interactive games and activities, DVD’s, relevant photos and website references

Year 7 & 8

Resource Sustainability

Year 5 to 8

Rural Waste Unit